Locate Clinic on google maps

Enter your current location and HealthMate will find the nearest doctors around you. You have the option of choosing either to select the specialization of the doctor or use the body mapper.

Find relevant doctors using body mapper

HealthMate's body mapper helps you when you are not aware of the specialization of the doctor to be consulted. You can select the body parts affected on a canvas and body mapper will handle the rest.

Remote Appointment Booking

One can get rid of the queues in the clinics for appointments using HealthMate. Choose the time slot that suits you from the 7-day schedule of the doctor. In cases where doctor is not accessible due to distance barriers, you can consult him/her through Google Hangouts too.

Synchronization of Appointments with Google Calendar

After confirming an appointment, you have the option to create an Google Calendar. On creation of the event, you will get e-mail reminder for it.

Prescriptions viewing Date-wise and Doctor-wise

You can view all your previous prescriptions either date-wise or doctor-wise. In the doctor-wise tab, you have the option of making a quick appointment.

Prescription Saved On Google Drive

On opting the Google Drive feature, all the prescriptions will be backed up in your Google Drive account in a folder named "HealthMate Prescriptions".

Quick View and Download Prescription to PDF

You can view all your previous prescriptions offline by downloading the prescriptions in a PDF format. One can view the prescriptions online quickly using the quickview feature.

Mark your Clinic Location on Google Maps

Enter your clinic address and HealthMate will mark your clinic on Google Maps. You can also precisely select the location by dragging the marker. This will help the patients locate your clinic or to get driving directions to your clinic.

Body Mapper

You can select which body parts you treat. This will helps the patients when they are not aware of the specialization.

View Patient Prescription History

You can view the prescription records of the patient with whom you have an Appointment.

Select time slots for your clinic

You can flexibly select 3 time slots for each day. This will allow the patient to choose a suitable time from the specified time slot for an appointment.

View and Cancel Appointments.

You can view today's appointments and cancel individual appointments. You can also do a mass cancellation of appointments for a given date. Some of these may also be HANGOUT SESSIONS depending on the patient's preference.

Prescription Maker

After you choose to start an appointment, you will have the option to make a prescription for the patient. You can then print this prescription.