HealthMate FAQ

What is the Application for?
In India, a very major source of Health Care are private clinics which are run by individual doctors. For minor medical needs patients usually end up at these clinics which have walk-in appointments or hire a receptionist.
The Main Motives of the App is to :
1. Easy Appointment Booking for Patients. Add Appointments to Google Calendar.
2. Prescription History for patients. Download Previous Prescriptions. Save To Google Drive.
3. Easy Searching of nearest Clinic Locations using Google Maps.
What's in it for the Doctors ?
Doctors now have a easy time running a clinic, 1. No Need to hire a receptionist. HealthMate allows patients to book appointments with you. You can specify Clinic Timings/Slots for each day.

2. No Need to write manual prescriptions. Just use HealthMate's Prescription maker to make a prescription.
3. View All your appointments for today and check the status. Cancel individual appointments or take the day off by cancelling All.
4. Your Location will be saved and all patients who search live nearby your will see your clinic location when they search for ther nearest doctors. They can click on the Book Appointment Link there and book and appointment with you (Logged in Patients only).
What's in it for the Patients ?
Patients have easy time maintaining their health.
1. Patients can book appointments on the go. Avoid the hastle of long line ups. Add Appointments to Google Calendar. Cancel Appointments and view future Appointments.
2. Store your prescriptions on the cloud. View your prescriptions doctor-wise , date-wise.
3. Search for Doctors easily by Name or use Google Map's to view neares Clinic Locations.
How to Select Timings (Doctor Side).
You Can Select upto 3 slots.
Use CTRL + left mouse button to select multiple slots.
All slots must have different start and end time.
How to Book Appoinments. (Patient Side)
You can only book appointment 1 appointment with a doctor until that appointment has been completed. Before confirming this appointment, you will be asked to add this event to your Google Calendar. This is optional. If you wish to do so, first click on authorize button. This authoriztion is one time only unless you revoke access to google drive.
You can book multiple appointments but with different doctors.
Appointments can be booked for upto 7 days.
Edit Appointments will only change time and date of current appointment.
Delete Appointment delete the appointment, therefore allowing you to book a new one with the same doctor.
How to work with Prescriptions. (Patient Side)
Prescriptions can be downloaded as PDF or can be quick viewed.
Prescriptions can be stored to Google Drive.(Optional) Instructions: To Setup Drive: 1. Authorize Health Mate to access your drive. You will only see this Authorize button once unless you revoke this access.
2. Create A folder. Do this only once.
Storing to Drive:
Save Prescriptions to Google Drive, the amazing cloud service, so you will never lose them.
To View your saved prescriptions, please visit your Google Drive and go to Folder Named "HealthMate Prescriptions". If for some reason, you do not have this folder. So, the next time you save to drive, just click on "Add Folder to Drive" Button before Uploading your Prescription to your Google Drive.
How to Search for nearest Doctors. (Patient Side) (Not-Logged In Users can also search)
Two Methods:
1. Search nearest doctor using Google Maps. Right Click on Red Marker to get directions to the doctor' clinic. Left Click to view details of doctor and Book Appointment.
2. Search for doctor by name using the auto-complete search box which will list all doctors stored in database.