HealthMate is an all-in-one solution for
doctors and patients, to make their life easier.

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  • What's there for the doctors?

    Doctor's can view the Patient Details and patient history with one click of a button. All the appointments for the day are displayed.
    The doctor during an appointment can make the Digital prescription, which can be printed, mailed, or even stored online.

    Doctor Login

  • Search your nearest doctor!

    With HealthMate, just open the our application and specify your location and the type of doctor you need see. Instantly, all the doctors that are closeby are seen in the map. One can also get the driving directions for the clinic and book an appontment too.

    Search Nearest Doctor

  • What is there for the patients ?

    The patient can view all the upcoming and past appointments and the respective prescriptions issued in the appointments. So you no longer need to file everything and worry about it's safekeeping. All the data is online and can be also downloaded to your respective Drive accounts.

    Patient login